Shawn Underwood

I am experienced in mobile and web application development. I have over 8 years of experience building and maintaining mobile and web applications. I am grateful to have found what I like to do and I program every day in order to get better and stay up to date.

Resume Bot Built using ChatGPT



  • Blazor Survey
  • Survey Workflow Solution; created using Blazor (.NET 8) to offer seamless survey processing capabilities across web and SMS platforms.

  • Underwood Movies
  • A dynamic Vue.js and ASP.NET Core (.NET 8) web application, featuring an efficient proxy architecture. Expertly deployed on Railway with Continuous Integration in a Docker container, ensuring robust performance and scalability.

  • Twilio Communications Website; developed with Python Flask, Twilio SDK, and Google Firebase(Real Time Database) hosted on Linux Ubuntu Server using AWS.

  • E-Commerce Website; developed with Python Flask hosted on Linux Ubuntu Server with Docker using AWS.

  • Call Center Management Website; developed with ASP.NET Framework (4.6.1) and hosted on Windows Server.

Machine Learning
  • Voicemail Machine
  • A smart voicemail management service built using Twilio, IBM Watson, and developed with Python Fast API and Kafka hosted on Linux Ubuntu Server with Docker and Kubernetes using Linode.

  • Patent Search API
  • An API to validate US patents. Devloped with Fast API, Redis, and a managed PostgreSQL database cluster.

  • Google Voice Assistant; developed with Dialogue Flow and a Python Flask webhook, hosted on Linux Ubuntu Server using AWS.

  • Speech and Text Machine Learning Applications; developed with Python TensorFlow.


Lead Software Engineer

FSC Edge

Led the production workflow as a software engineer, managing and greatly contributing to the python project processing United States patents.
Ensured that the production workflow consistently met our deadlines for deliveries and provided overnight fixes when needed to ensure the workflow was not interrupted.
Collaborated with colleagues in France, working on shifted hours, and traveled overseas twice for software training.
Created an API for validating US patents using machine learning to ensure that we were able to validate our work.


Software App Eng

ICF International

Lead daily standup / JIRA morning meetings with the Team and Directors.
Developed a large amount of Javascript features to meet client’s needs that I was able to hire a team and manager to further develop and maintain.
Developed a machine learning application using Microsoft LUIS and Python TensorFlow to analyze audio recordings, find discrepancies, and display them for quality assurance employees.
Developed a call center management portal with schedule and attendance features using ASP.NET and Azure.
Developed a machine learning application using Python Tensorflow with other NLP algorithms to analyze documents by the sentence and reorganize the data saving team members days of work.
Developed Python scripts for our San Fransico biology lab to help them capture and record species counts.
Developed a front-end site using Python Flask with Docker and Kubernetes to process imported data. That data is stored in a database and then is used by a Python Tensorflow machine learning application to process and provide an export for the user.
Developed numerous scripts using Python Pandas and Javascript across the company to save employees time.

MAY 2019 - DECEMBER 2021

New Growth Eng

Union Pacific Railroad

Project Lead in company-wide mobile app rollout which entails inventory management, system activation, software configuration to specific locations, project timeline management and working closely with stakeholders to ensure the project is completed in a satisfactory and professional manner.
Developed an Angular mobile application using Cordova for our company-wide mobile app rollout.

DECEMBER 2017 - JULY 2019



C#, Python, Javascript


.NET (Blazor, Framework, Core), Python(Django, Flask, Fast API), JavaScript(React, Vue, Angular)

Server Services

Azure, Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows Server, ESXi Vmware, Firebase, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Railway


SQL, Postgres, Mongo, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite

Machine Learning & AI

TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Keras, FastAI, OpenAI GPT, Hugging Face Transformers, IBM Watson, LUIS (Language Understanding), Dialogue Flow (Google)


The University of Nebraska at Omaha

Bachelors in Computer Science
AUGUST 2018 - MAY 2020

Iowa Western Community College

Associates in Computer Science
AUGUST 2016 - MAY 2018